Impresa Lawyers not only know the laws, regulations, and procedures, but also understand the need for strong Corporate Governance, Compliance, and Ethics. Impresa Lawyers bring practical experience as Sr. Executives, Corporate Secretaries, and Ethics advocates in the private sector and can help your organization employ compliance solutions and best practices to strengthen ethical culture with the end aim of improving performance.

Institutional strengthening related to:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Policy and Procedure and Code of Conduct development
  • Government Contract and Grant Obligations
  • Internal Controls
  • Training

Internal Reviews and Investigations
Advice related to:

  • Responding to and investigating internal reports
  • Monitoring and maintaining corporate hotlines
  • Conducting internal reviews and investigations
  • Protecting whistleblower rights
  • Providing disclosures in accordance with applicable regulations
  • Undertaking remedial measures related to strengthening controls and policies.

Support related to:

  • Board Meeting management and Corporate Secretarial duties
  • Board Ethics issues including Conflicts of Interest and Term Limitations
  • Board Policy development
  • Board Committee structure and Committee Charter development

Specialized compliance, governance and ethics experience regarding:

  • Requirements related to the acceptance of public funding
  • Corporate policy implementation including executive compensation, and conflicts of interest
  • Board reporting including financial controls and audit resolution